White Nose Syndrome ResourcesSYNDROME DU MUSEAU BLANC DE LA CHAUVE-SOURIS - Ressources

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Regulatory Considerations for Control of Wildlife Disease: Bat White-nose Syndrome Treatment Regulations Overview (2.90 MB)

WNS Specimen Submission Protocol (2.18 MB)

WNS Funding Opportunities (272 KB)

Canadian & International Web Links for Bat White-nose Syndrome (55 KB)

WNS Decontamination Protocol (866 KB) Two pager (1.7 MB)

Protocole de décontamination national à suivre avant d'entrer dans un hibernacle de chauves-souris au Canada (921 KB) Deux pages (1.6 MB)

WNS Messaging (525 KB)

Messages sur le syndrome du museau blanc (171 KB)

A National Plan to Manage WNS in Bats in Canada (751 KB)

Canadian Bat WNS Necropsy Protocol (599 KB)

Recommended Culture Method for P.destructans (328 KB)

7 Steps for Managing Bats in Buildings (868 KB) Two-Pager (396 KB)

How to Survey for WNS (558 KB)

CWHC's Bi-Fold Pamphlet on WNS (revised June 2018) (856 KB)

Toll-Free Bat Number Printable Infographic (514 KB)

Bats Astray Wildlife Health Note (1.69 MB)