Bats Astray Program

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Certaines sections de cette page n'ont pas encore été traduites en français. Nous espérons être en mesure de terminer cette traduction au cours des deux à trois prochaines semaines. Merci pour votre patience.

This content is intended for use by communicators and recreation departments (e.g., campground managers including National Park and Provincial Parks) to help you design custom pamphlets and formulate messages to the public to limit the risk of camper and campground users accidentally translocating stowaway bats. This content is provided to you in editable .ppt formats for your convenience.

Please note that before dissemination to the public, your custom edits are required (red text): logo, contact details and site specific instructions in particular. You may use any or all parts of this pamphlet as you see fit.

Translocating Bats Brochure (14x8.5 PPTX)


Translocating Bats Brochure with WNS Info (14x8.5 PPTX)