When you think about any organization, the logo is one of the first things to come to mind. Logos symbolize entire organizations. It is important that the CWHC logo is used consistently and correctly to maximize its impact. The logo guidelines below must be followed by anyone using the CWHC logo.


To maintain consistent presentation, the official CWHC logo should contain both the Gray Jay in flight and the CWHC wordmark in either full text or acronym form. Use of the logo without the wordmark is discouraged.


Minimum size

To preserve the legibility of the CWHC logo, it should never be reproduced smaller than 0.125” (0.32cm) in height. Always ensure that the legibility and detail is maintained for all elements.

Protected space

To ensure that the CWHC logo is not confused with other logos or identifiers, and that it maintains the greatest visual effect, it must be surrounded by a buffer zone of clear space. This space should be equal to or greater than 10px in digital form, or 1/8" in print form.


For hi-quality print jobs, please use either the Adobe Illustrator or PDF version of the logo, as these versions are scalable and will render properly at any size.


  • Don’t use old versions
  • Don’t separate the gray jay from the wordmark
  • Don’t change the colour of elements to anything that is not defined in the official colour palette
  • Don’t violate the protected space
  • Don’t place on a busy background
  • Don’t use low quality versions
  • Don’t condense, expand or distort
  • Don’t change font
  • Don’t place at an angle
  • Don’t add drop shadows or other graphic effects


The CWHC colour palette outlined below should be used as the basis for all externally published documents. If you are unsure of how to use these colours in your desktop publishing applications, please contact the CWHC National Office for assistance.

CMYK: 68, 22, 100, 5
RGB: 96, 149, 64
HEX: #609540
CMYK: 6, 6, 24, 0
RGB: 239, 230, 199
CMYK: 0, 65, 97, 0
RGB: 244, 121, 37
HEX: #F47925
CMYK: 28, 75, 97, 21
RGB: 155, 78, 38
HEX: #9B4E26
CMYK: 79, 27, 36, 1
RGB: 43, 145, 157
HEX: #2B919D
CMYK: 44, 37, 38, 2
149, 147, 145
HEX: #959391
CMYK: 20, 17, 17, 0
RGB: 203, 200, 199
CMYK: 10, 7, 7, 0
RGB: 226, 227, 228
HEX: #E2E3E4
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 85
RGB: 77, 77, 79
HEX: #4D4D4F
CMYK: 56, 47, 45, 12
RGB: 116, 117, 119
HEX: #747577